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Full Article One of the most important elements of any Nintendo game is its map, as it provides the player with location-relevant information. An unfinished map, on the other hand, can be extremely frustrating to the player, as he or she may know where to go, but be unable to travel there. Although the success of a Nintendo game is partly dependent on its maps, a quality map is often overlooked until the game has been released. This is why it is often common for people to completely overlook a game's map until later in its development cycle, when the map is complete. This is especially the case with Nintendo games. This is why Nintendo has included a “Map Disc” on each of its consoles that contains a map. This article focuses on the game Metroid: Other M for the Nintendo Wii and its map. For anyone who has not played the game, the plot is as follows: Samus Aran has travelled to the planet Zebes to investigate the behaviour of an alien life form, which is spreading across the planet. However, she soon learns that there is a more sinister force at work, and it is up to her to find out the truth. In order to do so, Samus must travel to a number of underground ruins scattered across the planet. I. SYSTEM AND GAMEPLAY Metroid: Other M was developed by Retro Studios, and was released on the Nintendo Wii on April 30, 2010. Each game in the Metroid series, except for Metroid II, features a map on the Game Boy Advance Cartridge. Furthermore, each game in the Metroid series that is played on the Nintendo GameCube features a map on the GameCube. The Metroid series is set in outer space. In this particular game, however, the location of the Metroid life form is on the planet Zebes, which is controlled by three spacefaring races: the Getoids, the Space Pirates, and the Galactic Federation. The plot of the game involves Samus Aran, a bounty hunter who is on the planet Zebes, searching for a particular species of the Metroid life form. The game is set in an alternate reality (i.e. reality one) where there is a plot involving the Metroid life form. Unlike previous games in the Metroid series, the gameplay of the game has more of a first-person shooter/platformer focus, rather than the third-person shooter focus. The object of the game is to venture into the




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